Two Presidents in One!

  • "It is an indisputable fact that in recent years, lobbyists for major special interests have wielded extraordinary power in Washington DC, resulting in a national agenda too often skewed in favor of the interests that can afford their services. It is that problem that the President has promised to change."--White House blog, Oct. 21
  • "I urge Congress to listen to AARP, listen to the AMA."--President Obama, Nov. 5

Ms. Wong

Tonight, in the Village, AJG and I had the greatest plate of bacon ever assembled. "Ms. Wongs Billionaire's Bacon"...a plate of candied pork, garnished with dried cranberries.


I think I've finally found something that I would NOT like better with bacon.
Just reading it made me retch. I must admit, though, the word "BLTini" made me laugh out loud. And the reactions at the end are worth reading.

Ossawbaw Pigs

I'm extremely jealous of my friends Marc and Pete, who live withing spitting distance of this farm.

From: Sammy Koenigsberg Date: December 15, 2008 11:15:34 PM EST Subject: Ossawbaw pigs
Greetings everyone,
We have our annual batch of Ossabaw pigs ready for order!
This year we had Seven beautiful hogs with us from April to December, They lived in the forrest on 4 acres, where they were able to be pigs, rooting and foraging for all the good things pig like to eat, finishing on their favorite- fall mast (acorns, hickory, and other fall tree nuts).

The Ossabaw pigs are descendants of the famous Spanish Iberico pigs know as one of the worlds best culinary pig out of which the pricey Serrano hams are made. They were brought to Ossabaw Island off the coast of Georgia in the 1500's when Hernando De soto came to the American South, and remained pure on the island for years and developing new characteristics to survive in this different environment, one being extremely high Omega 3's in their fat. They maintained the special meat quality of the Iberico hog and they frequently win taste competitions. These pigs were nearing extinction due to an effort on Ossabaw island to eradicate them. They and are important genetics to keep around for their ability to survive and forage well outside (instincts diminished in the industrial breed hogs); and because they are one of God's beautiful creatures. If you want to learn more see their Bio at the American Livestock breeds conservancy website:

As ironic as it seems it is true that the best way to keep these breeds from extinction is to eat them. It is the demand for these rare breeds that keep them populating farms. One of the consequences of industrial agriculture is that it relies on just one breed of chicken, and one breed of pig, that work work well in a factory farm production system. Meanwhile the other breeds, which are many and wondrous, begin to dwindle and then fade away for ever.
So we offer you a pleasurable way to help the Ossabaw continue and make a difference by enjoying well cared for rare breed pork at your table.

Breakfast Sausage(mild and Hot, 1# packs) $5/lb.
Bratwurst (1# Pack) $5.50/lb.
Italian Sausage (1# packs) $5.50/lb.
Chops (2 per pack) $7.00/lb.
Shoulder roasts ( Bone in 3 to 4 pounds average) 4.50/lb.
Ribs (2 pound packs) $4.50/lb.
Uncured bacon (1 pound packs) $6.50/lb.
Neck and Backbones (1 to 2 # packs) $3.00/lb.
Thanks, Your farmer,

Sammy Koenigsberg
New Town Farms
4610 New Town Road
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Word of the Day: chawbacon

Greatest Opening Line Ever?

Bacon of the Month Clubs
"I've made it a life goal to seek and find great bacons from all over the United States. Every year I taste hundreds of bacons and from my tastings I select the best of the best to be in my catalog. You can order bacons individually or in combos."


"more bacon than the pan can handle"