Law School


If I didn't know better, I'd think AK wrote this piece just to see if we would stumble across it...

"The 747 represented the single largest industrial achievement in modern history and its abandonment in the deserts make a statement about the obsolescence and ephemeral nature of our technology and our society,"...etc.

And I think the words "Malibu," "meditation pavilion," "animal barn," [is there any other kind?] and "art studio" tell us everything we need to know about the homeowner.


She knows all the hidden doors in the city, and what they lead to.

She once took some friends to a bar she'd merely *heard* was a great place. Once.

She rarely attends live musical performances, but when she does, she follows along with the score in her lap.

Her ice cubes are twice as big as any you've seen before. And they will be next time, too.

She knows where the hammocks are.

She once passed up [or considered passing up, I'm not sure yet] an opportunity to meet a comedic idol, because attending the event would have put her in the company of a comic she hates.

She owns a hotel, consisting of a single lavishly appointed suite on the 6th floor of a residential building, and lives there year-round.

She has been visited by Seal at night.

She can predict her friends' future opinions by forming them herself and passing them off as her own.

She knows that the color Brown causes alcohol to induce day-long hangovers.

She thoroughly understands baseball, and loves it anyway.

She is...The Most Interesting Girl in the World.