Dit Lit

dit |dit| noun (in Morse code) another term for dot 1 . ORIGIN World War II: imitative.

literature |ˈlit(ə)rə ch ər; -ˌ ch oŏr; -ˌt(y)oŏr| noun 1 written works, esp. those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit : a great work of literature. • books and writings published on a particular subject : the literature on environmental epidemiology. • the writings of a country or period : early French literature. • leaflets and other printed matter used to advertise products or give advice. 2 the production or profession of writing. ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense [knowledge of books] ): via French from Latin litteratura, from littera (see letter ).

dit lit |dit lit| noun written works consisting of 500 words or less. ORIGIN me.