A Female Dog

Watching the Steelers roll to the Super Bowl these past couple weeks has brought to mind an in-state rivalry that few commentators seem willing to explore. Which is worse?
Being arrested, convicted, and jailed on federal dog-fighting charges?
Being a douchey perpetual frat boy with no less than three rape charges against him?
Commentators seem unable to avoid mentioning the former, but never mention, even in passing, the latter. I can't come to any conclusion other than this: If you're going to beat a bitch in America, she'd better come from college, not a kennel.


By the way, if anyone can prove that Big Ben is NOT the douchiest QB in the NFL today, I'd love to hear them make the case. The comment section is open. Even a photo of him appearing to be less of a d-bag than one of his peers would be worth something.