The Wedding Plainer

AK describes a recent scene, which has been bouncing around my head for most of the day:
Exhibit B re why people hate New Yorkers and why coffee hour at Redeemer is not my favorite thing in the entire world: overheard: dude: "It was like 275, 300 grand." his friend: "Yeah, that's good, I don't like extravagant weddings."
Some observations:
  • translation: "twice the cost of an average fly-over-state wedding is a rounding error in my estimate of what constitutes 'extravagant.'"
  • the idea that two (presumably straight) guys know to within $25K what a wedding costs is...something. even if one of them was in it, and even if one of them got married in it, that's still something.
  • unless one of them wrote the checks for it, in which case: how did he not know to +/-$50.00? or was he just trying to be cavalier?
  • the whole thing provokes more questions than it answers, and makes me think I would LOVE coffee hour at Redeemer, although maybe for the same reasons AK dislikes it.