I love everything about Chipotle.  Their food, of course.  Their stores, their philosophy, their history, etc.  They just seem to get everything right.

For example, this sort of thing strikes me as the future of advertising.  Click a link, watch a video, get a printable coupon.


Viral - such a simple concept, so easy to share, so easy to participate.

Unintrusive - you get the link from a friend via e-mail, or see that they liked it on Facebook, and you either click it or you don't.  No lost time for you, no disruptions.

Informative - you are forced to watch a very straight-forward video promoting a new TV show.  Or read something in another window while the video plays on mute.  Your choice.

Persistent - you were interested enough to click a link, you probably watched a video, you printed - and retrieved from your printer - a coupon (which itself has ad copy all over it), you will keep track of that piece of paper and probably re-read it a few times between now and the time you redeem it.  Bonus points if the whole thing actually gets you into a Chipotle or gets you to watch the TV show.  For the near future, either one will remind you of the other.

Cheap! - Chipotle is still probably net positive on every transaction that these coupons create.  The only scenario I can see where they lose something is where someone orders two of their lowest-margin burritos and two cups of water and uses a lot of lemons and Cholula sauce.  Like, a whole bottle.

Measurable - the nature of the campaign means they can track everything, even (I assume) your particular order and tie it back to your Facebook profile when they enter the (I assume) unique claim code on your coupon at the POS.


[I fail to see any.  But maybe I'm missing something.]