As noted, I love The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  And, as with most movies that I love, I love it a little more every time I see it.  Huck and I started watching it for the Nth time last night.  I hadn't seen the beginning of the movie in awhile, so I was reminded of just how good and sweet the story is.  And how well-told, and well-acted, and well-filmed.  And, well, so on.  (Due to the vagaries of our household chore rotation, such as it is, I've been cleaning the kitchen through the first half of the past few viewings.)

In the back of my head, I think I've assumed that part of the reason I love this movie so much is because it's fun for our whole family.  It's the first of Anderson's movies that Lori legitimately and unreservedly likes.  It has captured Huck's imagination to the extent that all we play now is "hunt the fox."  He has - with diligent practice - learned to recite the theme song, even learning how to say the word "nonetheless" with relative ease.  And it hasn't worn thin with repeated viewings.  So, of course all this weighs into my opinion of the movie, right?

I was content to hold this assumption until I saw AK's post this morning.  I don't think it's her first on the subject either.  In it she links to this, which is new to me and worth every bit of the 20 minutes it takes to listen to the audio.  

So, now I have two more opinions on the matter, both of which I weigh more heavily than my own, and I think the takeaway is:  this movie is transcendently great, period.  Not just "great for families" or "great for kids" or even "great for twee hipsters" but truly, wonderfully great.