According to an old adage, there are two kinds of racers:  cheaters and losers.

But who knew you could "cheat" when you're just selling run-of-the-mill street-legal supercars too?
Perhaps the 360 Modena press car that was two seconds faster to 100mph than the customer car we also tested. You allow some leeway for "factory fresh" machines, but this thing was ludicrously quick and sounded more like Schumacher's weekend wheels than a street car. Ferrari will never admit that its press cars are tuned, but has the gall to turn up at any of the big European magazines' end-of-year-shindig-tests with two cars. One for straight line work, the other for handling exercises. Because that's what happens when you buy a 458: they deliver two for just those eventualities. 
Jalopnik has the full story here, and it's a fascinating look under, hood of Ferarri's PR machine (caution: swears).