The Force [UPDATED]

I'm embarrassed (but not embarrassed enough, it seems) to admit that a VW ad many years back served as my introduction to Nick Drake. I mean, I had a friend who had some of his records on vinyl, but I'd never heard Pink Moon until I heard it on the car stereo of those twentysomething hipsters who ditched their party plans in favor of just driving around some more with the top down.

I'm even a little more embarrassed (but evidently still not enough) to admit that this ad brought a tear to my eye. The tear didn't fall out, mind just sort of welled up a bit. Where did they find a kid who could act so well with nothing more than shrugs and hand signals?

UPDATE:  the kid is 6 years old, and his name is Max Page. Any relation to Max Power? Unlikely, they spell and pronounce their names differently. Story and interview here.