Inferring the News

Here is today's roundup of the News According to Google Trends:

1.  I had to Google this myself, but apparently he's one of those guys who's so good at playing a sport (in this case, basketball), that people will pay him to do it.  And now, evidently, the people of Cleveland, OH, will pay to watch him do it.

2.  Why today?  I'd think people are always interested in unclaimed funds.

3-4.  A cricket match probably.  Does this side-by-side comparison reveal that South Africans prefer abbreviations?

5.  Fascinating.  A Google search reveals that "Corrlinks is a great service to use to communicate with friends and family that have unfortunately been incarcerated in prison..."  No word on whether there's a great service for communicating with the fortunately incarcerated.  You know, like convicted criminals.

6.  A Spring sale on waxing services somewhere?

7.  American Idol is still on the air, apparently.

8.  Snow delays?

9.  I found this linked headline reassuring, since I was asking the same question:  "Watch Jessica Lucas First Talk Show Interview on George Lopez: Who is She?"

10.  If I'd stayed up to watch Modern Family last night, I guess I'd understand.