The Nanny State

Well, I guess this sort of thing is inevitable when you live in an Orwellian Nanny State:  Colorado Bill Bans Welfare Cards At Strip Clubs.

Evidently, the legislators (and, presumably, the taxpayers) of Colorado don't like the way some welfare recipients are spending their hard(ly)-earned cash.  But how is it lawmakers' business to tell free people what they can or can't do with their free money?

This strikes me as yet another case of over-reaching Big Government trying to get their hands into people's pockets, only now they've finally realized that a strip club is the last place you want to be putting your hands in someone's pocket.  Well, Colorado Government, that's what you get for trying to legislate morality!

From the article, we learn that Colorado law "already prohibits people from using their public assistance cards at ATMs in casinos, racetracks, and liquor stores," which only proves the adage that once you give the government an inch, they're gonna take a hundred yards.  In this instance, though, it's the welfare recipients who will ultimately be walking a hundred yards walk down the block to use the ATM closest to their preferred strip club, liquor store, or racetrack that isn't actually in the place.

On a related note, my home state was the first to provide state-wide ATM-style cards for welfare recipients, whom we politely refer to as "customers."  In a truly Orwellian twist, we call these "Independence Cards."