NFL Wages

NBCSports proposes a solution to the Rookie Wage Scale problem facing the NFL:

We propose two-year contracts for all draft picks.  After two years, the players would become exclusive-rights free agents, which is essentially what they are upon being drafted.  Basically, they have freedom to choose not to play for the team that holds their rights, but no freedom to play for any other team.
Then, after completing the initial two-year contract, the player can threaten to withhold services as leverage for getting the best possible deal, which is precisely the leverage that unsigned draft picks possess.  Or he can sign a one-year tender that would be based on playing time and possibly other factors, such as Pro Bowls and other achievements and awards.  Or the two sides can come together and agree to a long-term deal based not only on potential but also on two years of performance.
They go on to work out a few more of the details in the rest of the article.  Seems reasonable to me, and the only obvious objection I can think of is the same one that motivates college football and basketball players to leave for the pros before they graduate:  I'm fit and healthy (and, presumably, successful) now.  Why should I gamble on surviving another season in the NCAA when I could get paid to play at the next level?

Why should an incoming player defer his huge bonus check and salary for a few years just to prove that he can cut it in the NFL, and what happens if he suffers a career-ending injury early in this two-year stint? My suspicion is that such injuries are rare enough that the NFL shouldn't build policies around them, but frequent enough to be a real concern.  There's got to be sufficient data on this for an actuary to write a decent insurance policy to offset the risk that rookies would face here.  I'd be surprised if such policies don't already exist.

Also, I don't know anything more about Ricky Williams than the 30 For 30 film taught me, and I've forgotten most of that.  But if I remember this detail correctly, it seems that Ricky was trying to impose something like this on himself when he negotiated his own performance-based contract coming out of college.  Or maybe he was just high.