An Open Letter to Tyler Cowen

Dr. Cowen,

I'm quite certain that "someone is making fun of me on the internet" is among the very last thoughts that would ever cross your mind, but you seem to read everything that gets written (or, at least enough to know it's not worth reading further), so I figure there's a non-zero chance that you stumble across my blog eventually.

Before you do so, and take offense, I wanted to set the record straight: "Grandiloquent Bloviator" is a sarcastic reference only to my own writing style and a tacit acknowledgement that everything I blog about is almost completely superfluous. Likewise, the sub-head "Like Tyler Cowen for the C-students" is intended not as a jab at you or an implication that you bloviate grandiloquently. Just the opposite: it's an admission that my (2.76 GPA) mind can only dream of understanding the things you do, yet I find that I'm drawn to the same ideas and am fascinated by the subjects that you blog about.

I'm glad to have that off my chest. And for the record, I'm blogging here:

All the best,