Plan B

I love the tone of the Nokia Plan B reads like a the inverse (or is it contrapositive?) of a ransom note.
If you elect us to a majority in the Nokia Board of Directors we will pursue the following agenda(!)
Sure, Nokia's CEO has made some mis-steps, and of course a strategic partnership with Microsoft seems ill-advised, but does that mean the shareholders should hand the board over to nine people who currently describe themselves with no more specificity than to say they are "young Nokia shareholders" who have "worked with Nokia in different capacities in the past"?  I mean, I used to have an 8390.  Does that mean I "worked with Nokia in the past"?

But their business plan reads like boilerplate from a forthcoming press release, so maybe they're onto something.  Consider some of their proposed "concrete actions":
Immediate discharge of Stephen Elop from his duties as President and CEO of the company. Appointment of a new CEO with an international mobile industry background. The new CEO will be committed to carry on the rest of the actions listed below.
Step One: fire the CEO.  Step Two: find a newer, better one.  This should be a cakewalk!
Restructure alliance with Microsoft as a tactical exercise focused primarily at the North American market. Release one or two Windows Phone devices under a Nokia sub-brand. Only if carrier acceptance, sales volumes and profit margins are satisfactory, consider releasing more WP devices and make them available in Europe. Windows Phone will not be the primary development platform for Nokia. The Nokia phones with Windows Phone operating system will simply take advantage of the existing developer tools and application ecosystem already put in place by Microsoft.
Translation:  blah, blah, Microsoft Bad Idea, blah, blah, blah.
Leadership team shakeup. Immediate discharge of Tero Ojänpera, Niklas Savander and Mary McDowell from all their duties with the company. Other members of the Nokia Leadership Team may be discharged pending individual reviews with the Board of Directors [read: "us"]. Discharged members of the Nokia Leadership team to be replaced with internal and external talent.
Step Three: fire a bunch of other Suits.  Step Four: replace them.  (Step Five: eliminate HR department - this "hiring and firing" thing is FUN, so why should they get paid to do it?!)  Also "internal and external talent" really narrows the pool of possible replacements.  I believe the phrase "someone...anyone!" would've been just as "concrete."
Aggressively recruit young software talent from top universities. Nokia Recruiting to actively visit top universities worldwide to screen and and invite top students for interviews in Nokia R&D locations. Establish a credible and rewarding technical career progression path in Nokia (to avoid the best talent leaving the company or becoming management overhead). Offer internationally competitive salaries to new talent (if necessary, significantly above local market salaries). Establish Nokia as a company where the best and the brightest want to work.
And they will literally be the only tech company out there at the top universities, inviting top talent to a "rewarding technical career progression path."  Also, the phrase "leaving the company or becoming management overhead" is rich.  These guys want to run the company, but they see management as a net drain on resources.
Specific further actions related to the S40 platform, the Ovi services and the company's marketing activities will be determined at a later stage.
Translation:  "were running out of 'concrete actions' but the list looked too short without this last item."

UPDATE:  It seems that Plan B has been scrapped.  A cached version of the page can be found here, for now.