Please Don't Let This Happen

John Gruber has a pretty well-documented disdain for Republicans, and I suspect that he and I would generally disagree on a lot of political, social, economic, and related issues.  That's fine.  I celebrate the diversity of opinions, perspectives, and ideas that makes this country great.  And, of course, I read John's site primarily for the astute insights into the tech world, not for compelling political commentary.

Even in light of what I just said, I'm disheartened by John's plea for Donald Trump to enter the presidential race.  The strength of our republic is based in part on having two vigorous, competent, and opposing parties who contend for power and control.  Their contention, ideally, should be in the domain of policies and ideas, and their ability to execute plans.  I realize that in practice we fall about 95% short of this ideal, but Trump's entry into the arena would turn an already overly theatrical election process into a circus show.  It would not likely strengthen either other Republican party candidates or their Democrat opponents.  And this, in my opinion, would weaken the election process and outcome.

I realize that Mr. Gruber is probably being at least 40% cheeky in his sentiment, but it seems worth a comment anyway.  The mentality he projects is analogous to those in the sports world who hate their rivals.  This never made sense to me, either.  Where would UNC be without a powerhouse Duke to contend with every year?  I realize, too, that this subject has been explored in some depth, but I maintain that it's still a flawed concept.