Sartoreality vs. the Sartorially Unreal

"I went looking for soul... And I bought some style"
- Bono

My knowledge of fashion, and my efforts to look decent, begin and end with this:  Fit is Everything.  I'm colorblind, so I don't venture out into many different palettes, and I prize comfort and simplicity over almost everything else, so my wardrobe is built around five or six very basic components that can safely be mixed and matched in almost any combination.

When Johnny Depp swaggers out onto Letterman's stage, pausing mid-way so everyone can soak him in, all I can think is "who has that kind of time?"  And Depp is an extremely cool guy by any possible measure.  He wears his look well.  But really: the layers, the scarf(s), the conspicuous and complicated wristwatch, the chain swinging from his hip to his back pocket...the boots, the hat.  It's all just so much.

All of the above notwithstanding, I check in on The Sartorialist periodically, just to see what I'm missing.  Usually, my basic assumptions are confirmed:  High Fashion is Weird.  I mean, really:

This is his collection of "the best of" Marc Jacobs' recent show.

And even the stuff that isn't completely bizarre is still daft.

Now, lest you think this whole post has been an utter waste of your precious time, I will get to my point.  I found the following movie trailer surprisingly intriguing, and I will probably add it to my queue.