Chris Blattman Is About to Read Your Mind

Noted Yale economist Chris Blattman is one of my inspirations for starting this blog.  He probably doesn't know that, but it's true.  I think he's the first person I "got to know" through a blog and then had the pleasure of meeting in person.  I have yet to share tacos in Elkridge with Tyler Cowen (10 minutes from my house, Dr. Cowen!  Call me when you get off the beltway and I can meet you there!), but I have eaten soul food with Dr. Blattman in a Harlem jazzhole.  Baby steps.

On busy days, I visit Chris' blog and learn something I never knew, or think about something I never thought about before.  On slower days, I read his recent post(s), then re-read his About Me page and re-remember that I'm not a wunderkind in the development economics field with a set of academic credentials that read like a cliché for "really smart."

Today, I learned something I never knew and thought about something I'd never thought about before and discovered that Chris is even smarter than his bio lets on.  You see, Chris can read minds.  Even better, he can actually predict what you will be doing, feeling, and thinking (in that order) about 30 seconds from now.  Don't believe me?  Click the link below and see if his reaction isn't yours too:

The unhappiest person