Free Light For All!

This is a great example of the never-ending ingenuity that flows from creative people trying to solve even relatively simple problems:  A man figured out how to turn plastic 2-Liter soda bottles into 50-Watt lightbulbs.

I can see some pretty obvious pros/cons here:

PRO:  These would make great additions to any building that is off the electrical grid.  I think immediately of remote villages in third world developing countries.  And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before some well-meaning do-gooder starts shipping them out to the four corners of the earth.

CON:  Since well-meaning do-gooders occasionally fail to think things all the way through, there's a 50/50 chance that a lot of money gets wasted on the inflated shipping costs of sending bottles full of clean water to their final destination.  And if the full bottles do arrive in some hypothetical African Village, there's a 100% chance the water gets consumed by humans for...I'm looking for the right word here.  Let's say:  survival.  From what I hear, remote villagers are never quite certain when the next UPS truck full of clean bottled water is going to arrive.

PRO:  Since these simple contraptions harness the Power of the Sun, they make excellent light sources in interior rooms that would otherwise rely on electricity or candles.  One downside is that their installation requires a 2-Liter-bottle-sized hole to be cut through an otherwise hole-less roof.  The reporter in this video was astute enough to ask if they leak in the rain, and the lady assured him that they do not; so we're still in PRO territory, but...

CON:  ...the reporter did not ask an obvious follow-up question:  "And is it usually very sunny when it rains?"

PRO:  If we've learned nothing else from found-art enthusiasts over the past couple years, it's this:  up-cycling is better than recycling, every time.

CON:  Most 2-Liter bottles come from the store filled with soda, which contains high fructose corn syrup - the earth-lover's kryptonite.  If this BottleBulb idea gains any traction at all, we're going to have one of the biggest dilemmas of the 21st century on our hands.  Buy soda by the pallet-load and support agribusiness, just to get our hands on these precious plastic lightbulbs; or ignore the whole thing and just go to the coffee shop for the rest of the day?  One benefit of the former option is that they'd probably pour the soda down the drain, building inefficiency into the process.  So in some ways it'd be win-win.