Go Duke!

I am a Marylander, and some of my earliest memories are of Terps games at Cole Field House.  There's a 50-50 chance the campus police will be knocking down my door in the suburbs once this post is published, but I'm not afraid.  The fact is, I admire and respect Duke - including, and perhaps especially, their basketball program.

On a common sense level, I've always thought it was weird to despise and nurture ill-willed thoughts about a "rival" team.  (I put "rival" in quotes because lately it's been pretty one-way.  One of the most disarming, insulting, and hilarious chants I ever heard from the Cameron Crazies was during a MD-Duke game in Durham: "WE'RE NOT RIVALS...clap-clap--clapclapclap...etc.")

For a strong rivalry, you need two really strong teams; much like our political process is designed to work best with two really strong parties pushing each other towards the best possible policies and governance.

Anyway, all of this is a long prologue to what I really want to say:  Grant Hill (Duke '94) is one classy man.