Here's Something I Won't Buy for $3.99

Since last week's purchase, it's been all Ke$ha all the time in my car and at work.  And, surprisingly, I've become more and more OK with the fact that I legitimately, un-ironically love the record.  I had to play some Bach sonatas one afternoon just to give my ears a rest, but other than that I've been in a groove.  Or a rut, depending on your perspective.

I don't care if she's just a calculating, market-savvy pop-peddler.  I don't care if even my teenage nieces are probably over her, or never even liked her in the first place.  I don't even care that, technically, she's not all that great a singer (at least, based on the performance she gave at SNL last year).  The important thing is, her songs scratch an itch I've always had for really catchy, really poppy melodies and dancey, thumping tracks.

photo via Brooklyn Vegan
All that said, I know that I'm supposed to be crazy about The National.  Probably Kings of Leon, too.  I don't think I've ever even knowingly heard a song by Kings of Leon, although I did meet a Duke from Lyon once.  Nice guy.  Surprisingly down-to-earth.  But The National...their lead singer just puts me off.  I can't get past his range.  They wrote a really good song once, but the best version of that I ever heard was a cover, performed by an angel and her band against a six-story glass backdrop overlooking central park.

So, no Amazon - I won't pay $3.99 for High Violet.  Not today, or any other day.  I will, however, recommend that my readers check out the video below of St. Vincent covering "Mistaken for Strangers."  This isn't the night I saw it, but it gives a reasonably good idea of what that was like.