Inferring the News

1.  You remember in the 28th over, when Yuvraj Singh hit a short four outside off, carving it past backward point?  That was awesome!

2.  Let's face it - if this is how you're finding out, you might be a little more serious about Fat Tuesday than Ash Wednesday.  But who am I to judge?

3.  RIP, B.I.G.

4.  As a high schooler I identified very closely with Duckie from Pretty in Pink.  I've never watched Two and a Half Men, but I used to smile a little on the inside just knowing that Jon Cryer was out there making it happen.  More than once since Charlie Sheen's extended meltdown, I've felt bad for Cryer.  The "half" member fo the cast will land on his feet, I'm sure; but Jon Cryer is roughly my age.  That's elderly in Hollywood.

5.  I guess the headline says it all:  "Teacher Tericka Dye's Adult Film Past Continues to Haunts Her Present."  There's a Kramer quote that's at least half-appropriate for this situation.  "Yeah, well, now you kids don't go out and try that. You stay in school!"

6.  Didn't know he was alive.  RIP, M.S.

7-8.  My first guess is maybe this is Paul Stanley's son (or daughter?!)...then #8 leads me to construct the following headline, which may or may not be accurate:  "Between a Rock-n-a-Hard Place:  Kiss Kid to be Chained to Alice"  sub-head:  "son of legendary Kiss frontman to join new line-up of recently-defunct 90's powerhouse."

VERDICT:  Nope.  Could not have been more wrong.

9.  "Shaq Says Rapper BIG Might Be Alive Had He Made it To Party"  Shaq would know, I guess.

10.  I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality:  Talk about your Hot Search!  Here's hoping this trend is related to #4, and maybe Rob Lowe winds up saving Two and a Half Men.