iOS Screen Lock

I realize that this is a First World Problem of the First Order, but I'll share it anyway, in hopes that someone else has the same frustration and we can build some momentum towards getting it addressed.  I e-mailed Steve Jobs about it awhile ago, but he hasn't replied yet.

I lock my iPhone and iPad with a 4-digit PIN.  I also set the "Require Passcode" option to "After 5 min." because too often I'll check something on my phone, lock it, put it down, and then immediately remember something else I needed to do.  Being able to swipe to unlock in that scenario is convenient.

My problem is that I'm increasingly using my iPad instead of a laptop at client sites, often leaving it sitting out in a common area where I take up temporary residence.  I'm not at all concerned about physical security, and because of the nature of my clients (honest, friendly people - all of them) I'm really not that concerned about data security.  Nevertheless, I'd like to be able to walk away from my iPad for 15 minutes and know that it's not in an unlocked state for a third of that time.  Family gatherings are another setting where this would be helpful:  it would be nice to know that some pair of little hands isn't going to start futzing with my iPad the minute I walk away from it.

I think I have a simple solution to this, and it should be trivial to implement:  Create an option (or just make it a default) so that triple-tapping the wake/sleep button locks my iOS device immediately.  The triple-tap is "complicated" enough that I wouldn't do it by accident or out of habit, but simple enough that it's easy to do whenever I need to.  As an added bonus, this doesn't replace an existing feature like the rotate-lock-to-mute-switch fiasco did.

Ball's in your court, Steve.