In 8th grade, my art teacher took a few students to see the Beastie Boys in concert.  She was a really sweet, progressive lady, and we were a bunch of naive middle schoolers.  We sat in the upper-deck of what was at the time called the Capital Center (I think), and took in a spectacle unlike anything we'd ever seen or heard.

By that point in the tour, the stage show featured a giant mechanical microphone because the previous set-piece was deemed too offensive.  There may or may not have been dancing ladies in cages - I honestly don't recall.  The two Adams and Mike D each had his own giant tub of beer, and a dedicated stagehand whose only job was to constantly replenish his supply.  The cycle went:  open can of beer tossed to B-Boy, mouthful of beer consumed, mouthful of beer sprayed onto the front row, remainder of beer in can shaken and sprayed onto audience (like a Hip Hop Sea World show), repeat.  For over an hour.

The opening act was another band from New York called Public Enemy, and they inexplicably played their entire set flanked by armed, beret-wearing military guards of some unknown provenance.  Also, one of the two vocalists was wearing what appeared to be an outrageously large clock as a sort of locket around his neck.  Too bad they never really forged their own path.  They seemed to have potential.

And this little walk down memory lane is just prologue to this:  the funniest, star-studdedest, pop-culture-referencingest video you will see all day.  Caution (need I mention this?):  swears.