Montana Enters the Fray

Not content to let South Dakota or Texas get the drop on them, Montana has thrown their hat into the ring.
A Montana store is offering a free gun to customers who sign up for satellite-TV service, drawing criticism from an advocacy group and the dealer's parent RadioShack Corp. (RSH), which is trying to stop the promotion.
The shop, located in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana about 50 miles off the highway, has tripled the number of signups for Dish Network Corp. (DISH)'s service since starting the offer in October, store manager Fabian Levy said. When customers sign a Dish contract, they get a gift certificate for a gun that can be redeemed at Frontier Guns & Ammo, about 10 miles from the store.
And, lest you think there's something "wrong" with a promotion like this, we get the following words of reassurance:
Dish checked its rules and regulations and found nothing wrong with the offer, said Marc Lumpkin, a company spokesman. 
"We started as a rural satellite-TV retailer ourselves many years ago," Lumpkin said. "It appears that this promotion fits the demographic of rural Montana."
Let the Second Amendment Smack-down rage on!