Prices are Beautiful, and No One Can Control Them

I’ve often annoyed friends by repeating my view that “Prices are beautiful.” We have a tendency to view prices as deception, a trick played on consumers to scam us into paying more than we like. Prices are information. Like ants tracing pheremones [sic], prices provide signals for the billions of buyers and sellers that we call “the market.” These prices guide our savings, our production and our consumption. Isn’t it marvelous how we can use a price to evaluate all 3 of those functions? Prices are like a universal language!
This reminds me of a thought I often have when people complain about the "high" price of something. Gas, for instance. The common belief seems to be that oil companies and gas stations just charge "whatever they want" for gas, and we're stuck paying the price. In my mind, I wonder: if this were true, then why is gas so cheap?! I mean, if I could charge "whatever I want" for something it sure wouldn't be $3/unit.