Vicious Cycle

You're a bald, or balding, man. You discover one day that your receding hairline has adverse effects on your ability to attract and secure a mate. To be crass: no hair leads to no sex, which can lead to depression.

Enter Propecia. This wonder drug has the potential to put your hair back in its place and a smile back on your face. Unfortunately, in one of life's cruelest ironies, it now seems that the very thing that promised to put you back in the game is also apparently taking the metaphorical air out of your ball. To quote one of the experts in the article: "No sex. No desire. Potential depression." Which, by now, probably feels like a familiar routine.

Enter Viagra? No...I predict we're only months away from learning that ED medication leads to hair loss.

There must be a simple, non-invasive, cost-free solution to this dilemma. Am I crazy to think that for every George Costanza there's a Marisa Tomei just waiting by the phone for a call?