I'm sure Steve Jobs is studying this product launch video very carefully as he prepares for next Monday's keynote.

I don't know much about Asian culture, but my overall impression is that Asians aren't typically the most flamboyant or dramatic folks around.  Maybe especially Asian businessmen.  So, what did it take to get Jonney Shih (the guy in the video) to do those little magician gestures as he pranced around on stage like GOB Bluth; and how likely is he to be found curled up in his hotel room closet right now, entertaining thoughts of suicide?

What Media Bias?

That baby is totally a boy!
This should be a a Journalism School case study in objective reporting: Parents keep child's gender secret. Try as I may, I can't find a single note of incredulity or judgement in the entire piece.

The gist of the article, for those who don't have time to read it, or just try not to give Canadians too much attention (it only encourages them!), is that a very forward-thinking couple in Toronto is raising Storm, the third of their three children, without informing anyone of the child's gender.  OK, so the two midwives know.  And the baby's two older brothers - Jazz, 5, and Kio, 2.  And a few nosy strangers who have peeked when the baby's diaper was being changed in public.  (There's no law against that in Canada?  I mean the diaper-changing in plain sight, and the peeking.)  But other than those few, and (presumably) the baby [it]self, no one knows.  This has prompted a predictable parade of judgement from those who meet Storm, but not an ounce of it from the article's author.  It hardly seems fair, then, for me to pass judgement.  Instead, I'll just share a few of the more interesting paragraphs and let you be the judge:

What Song are You Listening To?

This could've been annoying, or the guy could've gotten punched out cold halfway through the video.  Instead: Charming.

Jose Guerena

This is not a political blog, but if President Obama saw fit to comment on the Cambridge Police Department's handling of the Henry Louis Gates case, even going so far as to hold a conciliatory "Beer Summit" in his backyard in order to put the matter to rest, then he had damn well better address this story soon:

Iraq War Veteran, Jose Guerena, Killed by Arizona SWAT Team

If there's even a shred of truth to the increasingly detailed stories that are emerging around this tragedy, then it is absolutely shameful.  And I speak as a staunch supporter of the law and law enforcement personnel; and a former member of our county police department's advisory board.  Shameful.

Please spare a thought and/or prayer for Jose Guerena's widow and two young children this Memorial Day weekend.