Two more posts from Kid Dynamite worth reading, both of which contain adult language/themes/etc.  Click at your own risk:

I Shot Bin Laden - Great video exploring the new life of the SEAL who pulled the trigger.  I think as a corollary to the video we should just assume that any SEAL might have shot Bin Laden, and therefore none of them should have to buy drinks at a bar for as long as they live.  Of course, we'd need a good way to reliably ID them.  We don't want just any dude with a crew cut to think he can get away with calling himself a SEAL.  Incidentally, "SEAL" stands for "SEa, Air, and Land."  Is this really the best our Navy could come up with?  Or were they just over-confident when the program began in the '60's that no one would ever find out about the Special Ops forces?

What Was in Bin Laden's Porn Collection - Mining one of my favorite sources of comedy gems:  the Porn Pun.