The Fine Line Between Clever and Stupid

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I'm all for innovation, exciting new ground-breaking design concepts, clever twists on everyday activities, etc. but this is just too much.

I can see how it started out as an interesting way to solve two problems:
  1. you want to stop at the cafĂ© to have a cup of coffee and read the paper, but 
  2. you can't find a place to park your bike [really!? the world has run out of places to put bikes?]
But at some point in the process of lovingly laminating layer after layer of larch together, I have to imagine the designer realized:  "Wait.  The only thing less comfortable to sit on than a bicycle seat is a bicycle without a seat.  No one's gonna want to use one of these!"

Kudos to the designer, though, for powering through.  There's no glory in admitting that you had a brilliant idea but realized halfway through fabrication that it was actually rather stupid.  You're better off hoping no one notices, and then selling the prototype at a charity auction.