Once You've Seen How Sausage Gets Made...

...all you wanna do is make sausage, cause it's so much fun.

This story fascinates me. For years, I've believed (secretly, probably falsely) that I would be a great co-writer of hit songs. I don't have the creativity to fill a blank page with platinum lyrics, but I am the kind of annoying person who sees and hears everything and immediately spots the way it could be 3-5% better. I experience this most often in music - where a single word, or sometimes a phrase or couplet could be tweaked to perfection.

Brad Paisley, if you're reading this, I'm especially interested in working for you. You are the greatest singer-songwriter in country music today, but I estimate that I could improve about 50% of the songs you write. Whether changing a word or two, or rewriting a couple phrases, is enough to merit a co-writing credit is a discussion for another day. If nothing else, I'd do it for the satisfaction of seeing something great made even greater.

[Things this post reveals about me that most people didn't know before: I suffer mild delusions of grandeur, I love the music of Brad Paisley, I am still looking for that fine line between sycophantic and arrogant.]