Onion or AP?

Before you click the link, take a guess - does this story come from The Onion or the AP wire?
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A spacewalking astronaut almost had to retreat into the safety of the International Space Station on Wednesday when something got into his eye and made it sting "like crazy." 
Several minutes after he reported the discomfort, Andrew Feustel assured everyone his eye was feeling better and the third spacewalk of shuttle Endeavour's final voyage continued as planned. 
The incident came as the spacewalk hit the five-hour mark. Feustel and Mike Fincke had just finished running power cables from the U.S. side of the orbiting house to the Russian half. 
Feustel spoke quietly and calmly as he alerted his crewmates about the problem with his eye. 
"Just as an FYI, my right eye is stinging like crazy right now. It's watering a lot. Must have gotten something" in it, Feustel called out. 
"Sorry buddy," Fincke said. 
"Oh boy," Feustel moaned. 
Feustel was assured that he and Fincke were "close to home" - near the hatch leading into the space station - and was asked again how he felt. He managed to rub his eye against a strap in his helmet and said that helped. 
"Almost got the better of me," Feustel said. "Ah, my eye feels much, much better."
The spacewalkers noted that the problem with tears in space is that "they don't fall off of your eye … they kind of stay there."