Styrofoam Sous Vide

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple months.  Thankfully, before I started this morning, I Googled "omaha steaks sous vide" and discovered that someone already wrote it for me.  Her pictures and description are even better than mine would've been, so click on over.

Also, this guy has some great ideas, including a recipe for deep-fried egg yolks.  The phrase "heart attack on a plate," has never more accurately applied to any substance on earth.

My original plan a few months back was to sell this idea to Omaha Steaks as a nice little marketing concept, since the cooler I use is left over from a gift set that a friend sent me years ago.  Think of it:  by adding a cheap thermometer and a couple recipes to any of their package deals, they could jack up the price by $25-50 and call it a "DIY Sous Vide Kit."  Easy money.  If you're reading this in Omaha right now, it's not too late to send me some meats for further experimentation!

I've had great success so far with this Styrofoam Sous Vide technique.  The meat is consistently very tender and exactly the temperature I'd like.  I would like to hear from The Internet, though:  has anyone figured out how to keep the natural juices in the meats while they cook?  I've typically had to pour out a lot of juice from each pouch, and the meat is therefore a little drier when finished than I think it should be.