Our local concert venue was named #4 on Paste's list of Nine Favorite Outdoor Concert Venues. We live about half a mile away, which is very convenient every seven years or so, when we go see a concert. It's actually most convenient for eavesdropping on shows that you don't feel like going to, but want to hear in a vague, muffled, distant way.

My memories of the place: in middle school, I was the seventh caller to Q-107 (remember radio stations?) and won tickets to see Kool & the Gang there; saw Whitney Houston two summers in a row, back when that was something you'd be proud to admit; saw Howie Mandel on the tour following his HBO special, at much too young an age; saw Huey Lewis AND the News and am still proud to admit that; also, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet (thanks, Bill!), and Counting Crows on Adam Duritz's birthday. Also, a month or so ago, we got to meet up with Lori's cousin (the kindest rock star in the world), whose band played a festival there, and hang out with him backstage like a couple of aging suburban groupies. Good times. With the passes he gave us, I brought a friend back that night to see the Strokes.

That'll probably be the last show I see there, because our house is for sale. If you're looking for a 3BR 2.5Ba townhouse within walking distance of a gigantic mall and an amphitheater, let me know!