Another Dog Story

Dogs score another major victory.
The hospice arranged for Yurt to visit McClain, and Erceg drove Yurt over in an ambulance.
"This dog, I swear to God she knew where she was going. She was just freaking out -- yipping and shrieking. We got to the hospice house, and she just made a beeline for the front door," Erceg said.
Yurt headed straight toward McClain's room.
"She made a right-hand turn and another right-hand turn, and that dog led me down the hall," Erceg recalled.
When they arrived, Garrett said, McClain was in what appeared to be a deep sleep. Yurt jumped on the bed, and Erceg said it was "like watching her pour herself over his body -- she laid completely on top of him."
Erceg said she took McClain's hand and put it on top of the dog's head, repeating the motion over and over again until McClain's fingers began to move.