Another Letter of Note

This comes from, and it's a bit of a twist on the premise of the last letter I posted.

This time, imagine you're an (apparently insufferable) author of some acclaim and you receive a letter like this one from your editor/publisher:
Your threat to leave Knopf after this current contract is fulfilled leaves us far from intimidated. Harrison, Bernstein and I will be sorry to see you depart, for business reasons, but these are not strong enough to make us put up with your manner to us any longer. I've worked hard for you editorially but had already decided to stop doing so; indeed, you've managed to make the entire experience of publishing you unappealing for all of us - counterproductive behavior, I would have thought. 
To be perfectly clear, let me reverse your threat: unless you start acting civilly to us, there is no possibility of our agreeing to continue to publish you. Nor will I - or any of us - answer any future letter that we consider to be as rude as those we've been receiving.
Take that, Roald Dahl!

Evidently, they loved him in France, though.