Canadian Hay

Another great post at Unhappy Hipsters.  For kicks, I clicked through to the slideshow whence the photo came.  The term "over-wrought" comes to mind. Of course, when a magazine comes to photograph your "Origami House," you're gonna put on your game face, but that doesn't feel like an entirely legitimate excuse to me.

It was all I could do to keep reading after the opening caption:
Surrounded on all sides by a sweeping Canadian hayfield, the 23.2 House is an angular ode to rural life. Out of “respect for the beams and their history,” Designer Omer Arbel insisted that not a single reclaimed plank—still marked by nailheads and chipped paint—be cut nor altered during construction, which gave the home its striking geometric motif....
I'm sure general contractors just love that kind of architectural flourish.