First, They Came for the Dancers... [CORRECTED] and [Correction UPDATED]

At first, I thought this was the constitutional equivalent to calling for the jaws of life to free a trapped fawn.  There are so many bigger threats to our liberty today; and people around the world are physically fighting their governments for the barest of basic human rights.

Upon reflection, though, it seems to me that if abortion*, pornography, and every blog in existence are sheltered by the First Amendment, then "dancing quietly and unobtrusively in a Federal Monument" should be too.  But I'm no lawyer.

*CORRECTION:  according to an attorney friend, who reminds me every time I ask him a legal question that he is not my legal counsel and his answer should not be construed as legal advice, abortion is protected under the 5th** and 14th amendments.

**UPDATE:  the same friend now claims that, upon reflection, it may only be the 14th.  This is a guy who passed three different state bar exams in three different years.  On the other hand, he almost had to leave during one section of the LSATs because he had to go to the bathroom so bad he couldn't see straight.  I need to find a new person to not give me legal advice.