Hipster Jesus

Somewhere on the list of things I'll never get around to doing (the list, paradoxically, contains itself since I've never actually written any of it down) is a book about the church signs of America.  The working title is From Sign to Shining Sign, although I've always thought I could do better than that.

The book would be 1/3 comedic take on the signs, 1/3 travelog, and 1/3 essays about the people behind the signs.  I wanted to interview the old lady or the fresh young pastor who thought posting things like "Welcome to our ch  rch.  The only thing missing is U!" or (in the peak summer heat) "Come on in, we're prayer conditioned!" on their message board to passing motorists would actually put butts in the pews.  Well, I may never write that book, but at least now I have a cover photo.

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