Missing Persons

How's this for a measure of your blog's scope and power?
  1. You receive, but cannot open (for reasons not given), an e-mail from a correspondent
  2. You write a blog post, featuring that person's name and locale in the title, asking readers to please pass a message on to the sender of the e-mail
  3. The third commenter, writing less than a half an hour after the post went up, indicates that he knows said correspondent, and has sent her a note
At times like this, we're supposed to remark that it's a Small World.  The truth is, it's not a small world at all. Incidents like this, because of their sheer improbability (OK, maybe this one isn't so improbable), prompt us to acknowledge that it's a huge, huge world, and it's practically a miracle when we meet someone from Chagrin Falls who happens to know a friend of ours who grew up there.