Sitting v. Smoking

So, smoking at your desk is probably a really, really bad idea? It's a wonder anyone from the Greatest Generation® is still alive to tell their tale.

Bonus points to the article's author, for finding the most articulate cardiologist in America:
“The fact of being sedentary causes factors to happen in the body that are very detrimental,” said Dr. Coven.
And the fact of being called a "Doctor" causes this Coven character to be held in high esteem by HealthWatch readers.  Factors happen!

How long will it be before hoards of office workers start petitioning their employers for mandatory "stand around breaks," and how long after that before they lobby their local governments for laws that would protect them from all the second-hand smoke they're exposed to while taking said breaks?  And, will all this end with every office job being staffed by two employees - one who smokes for half an hour at a time, and another who stands outside for the other half?