Beer Doggles

This story has been bouncing around the web for a week or so:
A New York City pet store that's surrounded by bars has banned drunken puppy-buying. 
Workers at Le Petite Puppy in Greenwich Village say customers tend to stumble in after happy hour and purchase a dog without thinking. Drunken customers now are forbidden to even hold the puppies, because they can drop them.
And it's taken me this long to see how simple the solution is:  close the store at, like, 7PM.  This way you save on labor and you avoid scarring your puppies for life.  Win-win.

I can picture the scene that finally convinced the store owner to implement this policy:  guy walks into the store, with a Chocolate Lab in a reusable Whole Foods sack, "Hey, do you do returns?  I took this one home a couple nights ago after a few drinks, and she seemed really cute at the perky and wild.  But now all she wants to do is snuggle and - to be honest - she's become a really needy bitch."