I just got around to reading GQ's oral history of Michael Bay's career (via  It's entertaining throughout, but I especially loved this portion:
Bruckheimer: Michael even had to write a check for an action sequence that Sony wouldn't pay for. 
Bay: The scene where Martin shoots the guy out of the plane. I said to the line producer, "This is where the audience claps. This is the end of the movie." He was like, "I don't care. We're not doing the shot." He was just a studio flunky. I was literally going to punch him out. 
Peter Devlin (sound mixer, various Bay films): The scene cost $25,000. That's a lot of money. I believe the studio cashed the check as well. 
Bay: They used to watch dailies where you do the clap with the slate. So just to screw with them, I put the check [on the slate and wrote] TO COLUMBIA PICTURES, FROM MICHAEL BAY, $25,000.
Bruckheimer: He put his money where his talent is.
Bay: I didn't get the money back until the movie made like $60 million. And I had to beg for it.