Bon Iver Bon Iver On Sale Today Today

My favorite album of the year so far is on sale for $4 today at

On a related note, I think I'm finished buying music through iTunes. Their stuff is consistently over-priced, but that's not my biggest beef. My real issue (and I know full-well that this tops any list of First World Problems) is that I tend to listen to my iTunes library sorted by "Date Added" and therefore focusing on the things I've bought most recently.  When I buy an album from, it gets added in order because the songs download sequentially. The track order stays intact.

Apple, in what I assume is an effort to make the overall download process faster (by how much?  Ten seconds?), allows three songs to download concurrently, and if track two finishes before one or three, it gets added to the library first. By the end of an 18-track download (see left), the entire album is in total disarray as far as "Date Added" goes. There is no easy fix for this, as far as I can tell.  If anyone knows of one, please tell me. I'll give you a $5 gift card if you can suggest something I haven't tried.

Incidentally, I e-mailed Steve Jobs about this months ago, and I still await his response. I know he's been busy, but I'm sure "Reply to Trey" is on his To-Do list.

UPDATE:  Today is Bon Iver Day in Wisconsin, apparently.