Emmy Training Day

I learned today that there's a live reading/unveiling of the names of Emmy nominees each year, and evidently that show itself is something of a big deal.  Peeling another layer back from this onion, I discovered that the presenter tapped to read out the names of the nominees at said show (which, remember, is a dedicated to telling people which actors and technicians from other shows will potentially be honored at the actual award show a few months hence) takes this reading responsibility very seriously.  As we approach the center of the onion, we get a rare glimpse into kind of training regimen that's required of such a presenter; and, of course, hilarity ensues.

If I had the authority, I'd nominate this video for "Best Viral Comedy Preview of a Live Broadcast Announcement of an Eventual Actual Awards Show (Primetime TV Division)" at this year's Webby Awards.