Free Ideas I

I used to fancy myself an "Ideas Man" in the proud tradition of Steve Kerrigan, but I've become increasingly convinced that most ideas are worthless unless they're backed by the determination and persistence required to make something out of them.  Needless to say, none of my best ideas have been backed by anything like determination or persistence.

Rather than let all these fantastic, world-changing ideas go to waste, I'm going to start giving them away to my loyal readers.  This may take awhile, as I've forgotten most of them.

Idea #1:

A slim protective case + external battery for the MacBook Air.  The internal battery in the MBA is probably sufficient for most people, and there are some rather clunky products around that can extend battery life, but I'm talking about something that snaps on like a shell, but also doubles or triples the battery's life.  So you could fly from LA to Sydney without recharging, and use your computer the whole time; or leave the house for 10-12 hours a day and not have to carry your charger with you.  We have had this for the iPhone for awhile now.  Why don't we have anything like it for the MacBook Air?