The Tyranny of the Living

Ann Althouse has an elegant, simple take on a phenomenon that I've long found puzzling.  First, the quote that serves as her launching pad:
So which is worse? The president who serves his base and sets the country on fire, or the president who stiffs his base and fights fire with gasoline?
Now, her observation:
President A is Bush, in case you couldn't figure it out. Shouldn't you suspect — oh, Firedoglake blogger "Eli" — that if your nominees for "Worst President Ever" are the 2 most recent Presidents, that you've got a perspective problem?

People who are immersed in politics ought to take a good look at their own minds. Maybe what just happened near you is not actually the most dramatic thing that ever happened. Your feelings are one thing. Reality is something else. Make an effort to discern the difference.
I'll admit (and I see the irony here) that I don't know enough history to say whether this is a quirk of our generation, or if every generation has tended to ascribe significance disproportionally to that which occurs nearest in time and space to itself. I suspect it's us, though.  We're the worst!