Amazon Tablet

Marco Arment takes a guess at what the Amazon tablet might be like.

Seems reasonable to me, although I'd stress that it better come out this holiday season or Amazon will be digging out of a hole by the time they launch.  Come Black Friday, there will be hundreds of thousands of people shopping for some sort of gadget, and those looking in the $200-400 range will either buy something with massive brand identity (the words "amazon" + "kindle" = strong to quite strong) or one of the many flavors of "Sylvania tablet" that Arment references.

I think most people make their holiday purchase decisions along these lines:  I am obligated (or "I want," whatever) to get Jim a gift.  Jim likes gadgets and tech stuff.  The iPad costs HOW MUCH?!  Is there something else that looks and works kinda like an iPad?  I'll take it.  How different can it be?

And on Christmas Day, Jim dies a little bit inside, knowing that he not only has to pretend to love the Sylvania tablet, but he is now socially forbidden from buying the iPad that he really wants any time soon.  Even though he's now flush with cash from grandmas and aunts.