Free Ideas II

Why can't I find a pair of black earplugs?

I rarely go to concerts, but when I do I like to wear ear protection - at least during the opening act.*

I'm not a vain man by most standards, and I'm not a cool man by any standard, but if I had the option of wearing black earplugs that would be virtually invisible in a dark nightclub instead of fluorescent yellow ones that broadcast my middle-agedness to everyone around me I would gladly pay a little extra for the black ones.

These should've been invented decades ago.

*Unless I'm there to see the opening act.  A friend and I once walked away from the front row of an Andrew Bird concert after St. Vincent finished crushing an opening set.  We'd never seen so many hipsters so confused.  We had a drink in the back of the club, and left for a two hour drive home around the third or fourth song.  Good times.