Hipster Grilling

For the hipster who has never grilled, and probably never will...a sleek, portable grill that you can stash in your DUMBO studio until you throw it out, unused, ten years hence:
The HotSpot portable notebook grill lets you bring fire with you wherever you go.  This little flat folding grill sets up in seconds, and packs back down to flat equally as fast. Its steel construction makes it light and what it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in convenience.  There are no knobs, no louvers, no fancy anything, just open air vents and two grates. One to hold the charcoal and the other to hold  whatever it is that is about to become delicious. With a little ingenuity and perhaps some aluminum foil, there is a lot that you could do with this little grill that is more hibachi than Weber.
I mean, really - when has anyone anywhere ever needed to do some "impromptu grilling," as the linked-to post title suggests?  In practice, almost anything could be an Impromptu Grill, if only you had some Impromptu Charcoal, Impromptu Lighter Fluid, Impromptu Matches, Impromptu Grilling Tools and Impromptu Food to go with it.  Come to think of it, finding a grill is actually the easy part of the process.