A Matter of Scale

The Edgar Allan Poe house is running out of money. For years, its operations have been propped up by a grant from Baltimore City, but that has changed recently due to budget cuts. In discussing the options, Jeffrey A. Savoye, the secretary and treasurer of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, made this observation.  I presume the irony was unintentional:
"I really see only two probable avenues," he said. "One is the city comes to its senses and realizes they're not saving a lot of money, so they might as well keep running it. And the other is some angel with a lot of money steps forward and can cover the costs."
Of course, there is a third "avenue," which is probably obvious to anyone without a vested interest in the house's ongoing viability: shutter the museum. Also, it's hard to reconcile the idea that the city is not saving "a lot of money" by cutting the museum out of its budget, but that it would take an angel with "a lot of money" to keep the operation afloat. I assume that Savoye is using the imprecise quantity "a lot" on two different scales, and that "a lot" to an individual is "not a lot" to a city; but still, he might be more careful with his wording when he's obviously trying to woo someone, somewhere into doing something.